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Naren Raju is the founder and visionary behind Bioenergy Plantations. He incorporated BEP in 2005 with a strong desire to meet global environmental demands by developing a Jatropha Curcas L. pilot plantation in his home town in India.

Naren is a natural entrepreneur. At the young age of 10 he was extracting oil in his family-owned oil rotary mills business. Today, he is following his childhood dream. As well, he has a broad range of international experience in IT, business development, and marketing gained in India, Australia, and Singapore.

He strongly believes in production of bio diesel from non-edible oil plantations and the numerous benefits it can bring to the environment and thousands of workers who will be employed within this industry in developing countries.

Naren holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology from Australia and currently resides in Singapore with his wife, four-year-old daughter and one-year-old son.

Alec Shapiro is a seasoned global executive with a proven leadership record to devise and execute strategies that drive corporate profitability. A skilled team leader and innovative problem solver, Alec enjoys implementing emerging technologies, leveraging proven quality management principles to streamline and automate operations, and leading business transformation initiatives.

He became fascinated with developments in the Bioenergy industry a few years back and devoted his life to promote green sources of energy and improve the lives of many in third world countries.

During the last 20 years of his corporate journey, Alec helped many established international corporations like JDS Uniphase, Sony Music, Gianni Versace, Seagram's, Tyco, HBO, Thompson Publishing, JD Edwards & Co, Richard A. Eisner & Co. in various management and executive positions.

Alec has led numerous large mergers and acquisitions for corporations throughout the US, France, Germany, Belgium, and China. In the last seven years, Alec was with the world's largest fiber-optics company, JDS Uniphase, where he was Director of Asia Supply Chain and, later, Director of Operations of manufacturing facilities in Thailand, Malaysia, and China.

He was born and formally educated in the USSR where he obtained his Bachelor Degree of Science with honors in Auto Transportation Engineering in 1988. Alec is now residing in Singapore, he is happily married and has two great boys, ages 6
and 3.

Inna Ryzhy is a successful marketing executive with a business management and marketing degree from Manhattan College in New York City.

She has a vast experience in building corporate marketing strategies across multiple industries during her professional career of more than 15 years.

Inna's line of business includes work for the major Wall Street firm Knight Ridder Tradecenter, leading corporate travel agency Rexxuss International, and being Vice President, Business Development and Marketing of the technology company Voyager Cybertek.

Since 2002, Inna has been a successful executive coach on lifestyle management, image presence, as well as parenting.

Inna is a happy wife and mother of 2 boys. She has made Singapore her home.

Her passion lies in promoting environmentally friendly biofuels for a clean planet.

Mindy Lim is a creative and analytical senior Corporate Development executive with over 10 years APAC regional experience in the fields of Corporate Planning and Development.

She has strong business acumen and has worked in various countries in APAC. She is proficient in Business English, Chinese and Japanese.

Since 2002, Mindy has been involved in the setting up of Bioenergy Planatations from conception and has been instrumental in her involvement in several key projects in the region.

Her passion lies in promoting a green environment for the new generation.

She was born in Singapore and has received formal education in Singapore, US and UK.

Winto Herman Soetadi - Indonesia Project

Winto is young, dynamic and passionate hailing from the island of Java in Indonesia.

Graduated from Australian Catholic University in Sydney and worked there for 3 years in IT and Business Development sectors.

It was during his mission trip to Kalimantan Island at the beginning of this year when he got touched by the lifestyle of poor people there and decided to do something to improve their livelihood.

BEP's sustainable and social /Community development activities as part of its Plantations programs which is creating jobs for poor, building schools & hospitals in the plantations estates attracted Winto's desire to commit to the project and joined hands with BEP.

Winto is now heading nursery activities in 100 hectares and taking charge of implementing 10,000 hectares of Jatropha plantation soon.

Joele Atouga - Africa - Cameroun Project

Following my studies, I decided to embark upon another humanitarian experience, through an International Organization in Switzerland.

It was an enriching experience from the humanitarian point of view

I felt that I was useful to the society by being able to contribute to an improvement in the conditions of life of poor and oppressed populations.

My educational background and years of experience in that International Organization exposed me in the organization of several working group involving experts in Health Sector as well as millennium development goals aspects.

I am enthusiastic about my work, as well as being creative and cooperating in the development of renewable energies in Africa through Sustainable Development, which I believe is essential to improving the standard of living in developing countries and the key to alleviate poverty.

Born in Yaounde Cameroon, I've studied in Cameroon and Senegal, and currently reside in Geneva, Switzerland with my little boy.